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Consolas de monitoreo, NOC, soportes de escritorio LCD


Technical Furniture


- Furniture for control centers
- Monitoring consoles
- Ergonomic Monitor Stands


Ergonomic performance with style

Special technical furniture for control and monitoring centers 7x24.

INNVECTOR specialist in design, adaptation and implementation of control centers, develops technical furniture high ergonomic standards for environments 7x24; manufacture  furniture for  infrastructure of any magnitude and criticality , from solutions based on supplies of ergonomic stands for monitors to large-scale integrated projects.


Increase efficiency and productivity with ergonomic workstations designed with the latest technologies.

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Custom Consoles
Design and manufacturing.

We develop customized solutions according to customer's technical requirements; our consoles can be an individual or collective solution, in various forms and amounts: straight, concave, convex, or semicircular. 

Disponemos de consolas 7x24 de última tecnología para los entornos más exigentes, especiales para realizar seguimientos de labores críticas, cuentan con un puesto de trabajo ergonómico, un núcleo tecnológico, gestión inteligente de cableado, control automático de altura y una serie de pantallas de alta definición de bajo consumo energético.


We offer practical and affordable solutions for LCD monitors supports for business applications whether for offices, public areas, industrial settings, production lines and more.



Ergonomic performance with style.



Smart windows that control the passage of light.

We have special enclosures for Critical 7X24: the electrochromic glass high technology is an attractive and cost effective solution to control the sunlight without curtains or blinds, managing glare and heat of the recinto.

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