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Tactiles, Interactividad, multitactiles, Touch Screen


Ergonomic Furniture


Increase productivity and comfort in the workplace with the most modern and awarded ergonomic furniture in the world. 

Innvector Partner of Humanscale in Colombia.

- Ergonomic Chairs
- Surface elevation (QuickStand)
- Height adjustable table (Table Float)
- Monitor arms

Ergonomic chairs


High performance and functionality

"Working in a relaxed position relieves stress, minimize the risk of injury and help to maximize performance " 

Our ergonomic chairs have smart mechanisms that regulate and adjust automatically according to the weight of each person, to offer the maximum comfort and reduce the risk of long-term injuries.

Freedom chair

Winner of 10 awards for design, Freedom is leader in the office furniture of high performance; Its weight-sensitive recline, synchronously adjustable armrests and headrests, set new standards for dynamic positioning for the most demanding work environments.

Innvector have the world's most awarded ergonomic furniture, we have partnerships with the leading manufacturer of ergonomic chairs and accessories the market: Humanscale, to offer the latest technology solutions, always at the forefront of new developments.   



World chair

"A masterpiece of design simplicity." World is a high performance task chair that automatically adapts to the user, combining high comfort and functionality.


- Auto-adjustable tilt
- Pivoting backrest
- Seat in Mesh
- Armrest
- Setting body


QuickStand encourages healthy movement allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing, as they wish



Transforms any desktop into an active one fixed height, promotes collaboration and wellness in the workplace

QuickStand binds perfectly to any fixed worktop encouraging users to become active and integrate the movement in their working hours.


With a sophisticated antigravity operation mechanism and plug-and-play cable management system which allows users to switch from sitting to standing positions easily.

Standing office

Standing office desk

Quiet height adjustment effortlessly and instantly

The most recent research suggests that sitting for too long is harmful to health, which is why the adjustable height tables are more essential than ever.


With an unique mechanism of counterweight, the Float table encourages active workspace, allowing the user to have several positions without obstructive crossbars, cranks or complex electronic devices.

Monitor arms


The future of the arms to monitor:
Performance, simplicity and beauty

Settings effortless, perfect stability and elegant aesthetics

Tactiles, Interactividad, multitactiles, Touch Screen
Additional to promoting space saving, the monitor arms promote a healthier working posture and allow the user to align the monitor at the right height, avoiding the strain in the neck  and eyes.

In Innvector we have a wide range of modern and stylish monitor arms that provide extreme stability and functionality effortlessly to the most demanding work environments. 

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