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We take care of the optimal operation of ITS infrastructure. 


”A CHAIN ​​IS AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST LINK”. Innvector offers specialized maintenance service to minimize downtime of their infrastructure and increase the productivity of your company.



General and routine care of hardware and software to ensure proper operation and longer life. 


We perform cleaning network resources, software and hardware, we review the detail components to extend the life of all your computer equipment

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Corrective Maintenance

We solve failures affecting the proper functioning of the computer system in the software or the hardware in the shortest possible for time minimizing downtime its infrastructure.




Maintenance on Site

We have a team specialized in the maintenance of IT infrastructure ready to operate in any area of ​​the country effectively and quickly, here some of  our services:

- Visual inspection.                       - Environmental inspection.

- General cleaning.                       - Mechanical and electrical inspection.

- Functional verification.             - Installing updates. 

- Calibration of equipment.        - Load control.   

- Control battery.

For more information on our maintenance services for IT infrastructure.

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